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We would like to introduce you to Liver4Life, or L4L as we affectionately call it...

  • L4L is a new and modern charity (registered no. 1152618) dedicated to supporting any person affected by a liver condition in the UK. 

  • L4L offers support and education, as well as undertaking campaigns on behalf of people with a liver condition, to improve their care, their treatment and their support services.

  • L4L recognises the importance of preventing liver disease and the early detection of a liver condition and liver cancer in the UK.

  • Our absolute priority is supporting liver patients in the UK.


We are working very hard to ensure our newly launched free helpline continues to run and help all people affected by a liver condition in the UK. We will continue to update the website, however please like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feeds to see what's going on in Liver4Life. We now also have a Health Unlocked page, where you can connect with others affected by liver conditions - click on the button below.


A little bit about the team:


Liver4Life is run by a few individuals passionate about liver health. We all have extensive backgrounds of working in the health and charity sector and most importantly in the liver community. 


All big teams start small, right?!


Richard Hall


Passionate for the support and empowerment of liver patients and their rights, Richard has previously worked for other national charities providing and developing sustainable support networks to allow patients to take ownership of their condition.Following his redundancy in April 2013, Richard made the decision that he could not ignore the reduction in service provision to people affected by liver conditions and must do something about it. Eight weeks later he founded Liver4Life, and started developing an organisation that would be streamlined and efficient, and very focused on supporting people who have been recently diagnosed with liver conditions.


Phil Spalding

Hep C Positive - working in partnership with Liver4Life

Phil has run the Swindon hepatitis C support group for almost five years, and has developed a model for local support which is unrivalled within the hepatitis community. Phil is a passionate advocate of local personalised support for people affected by hepatitis c, and will develop the ‘Hep C Positive’ brand to enable more people across the country to access high quality support.He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2005 and was successfully treated for the virus between 2007 and 2008.Phil has also had a career as a professional musician for many years appearing on internationally successful recordings with the likes of Robbie Williams, Mick Jagger, Seal, Kylie Minogue and many more. He also recorded all bass tracks and sang backing vocals on Elton John's Lion King soundtrack … Hakuna Matata !!!


Kelvin Marshall


Kelvin was diagnosed with hepatitis C and advanced liver disease in February 2010. His journey with hepatitis C took him through two unsuccessful anti-viral therapy treatments in 2010-11, diagnosis of liver cancer in April 2012, two liver transplants in December 2012 and finally a cure with one of the new hepatitis C treatments in November 2014! Phew! Kelvin has been working with us since February this year running the L4L helpline and has attended the Swindon Hep C Positive group for the last three years. 

L4L logo

Liver4Life is dedicated to providing support to all people affected by a liver condition. CALL OUR FREE HELPLINE TODAY: 0800 074 3494

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