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Liver4Life is working hard behind the scenes developing a suite of support materials for a range of liver conditions. In the meantime we have provided a few links to some credible sources and charities who have a range of information available that might help. 

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AIH Support Group: 

Alcohol Awareness Specialist:


Alcohol Support and Advice on Facebook:

This is a closed group which gives everyone some kind of anonymity. Please get involved, comment on posts, and help support others who may be struggling, or may know someone who is.

Alcohol - know your limits:

American Liver Foundation:

Bournemouth Alcohol and Drugs User Forum: 

British Heart Foundation:

British Liver Trust:

British Lung Foundation


Children's Liver Disease Foundation:


Counselling Directory:

Diabetes UK:

Fit for travel:

Hepatitis Foundation International:

Hepatic Encephalopathy:

Hepatitis C

Hep C Nomads:




Liver Patients' Transplant Consortium:

Macmillan Cancer Support:


Organ Donation Saves Lives: Know Your Options

PBC Foundation:

Prescription charges coalition:


Hepatitis A - Green Book:

Hepatitis B - Green Book:

Obstetric Cholestasis (RCOG ICP):

Blood Donation - Transfusion Guidelines

Birmingham City Hosp (Gilbert's):


Travelling with diabetes

Although not directly related to liver conditions, this guide shares planning tips as well as helpful safety and practical information for travellers with diabetes. You could apply the principles to managing your liver conditions abroad.

We obviously haven't been able to include everyone, so if you would like your group included on this page, please contact us via email:

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Liver4Life is dedicated to providing support to all people affected by a liver condition. CALL OUR FREE HELPLINE TODAY: 0800 074 3494

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