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We know how difficult it can sometimes be to find affordable travel insurance if you have a liver condition. We have researched a number of travel insurance options. 


Call our helpline on 0800 074 3494 to speak to Kelvin.

Please note, our previous arrangement with LG Travel has now ceased. 


Why do you need Travel Insurance?


If you fall ill abroad and require medical attention and require a visit to the doctor or the hospital then someone has to pay the bill – and it’s not quite the same as the National Health Service we’re used to back home! Falling ill in the USA can be astronomical in terms of cost and even more so if you do not have any travel insurance. What if you fell ill on board a cruise ship and required air lifting to shore? Other eventualities include personal liability – what happens if you cause an accident and injure someone, or their possessions?  What if circumstances beyond your control mean you have to cancel your holiday – causing you to lose your deposit in the process?


There are all sorts of different scenarios that could affect you and your family, and it goes without saying that a good level of travel insurance is one thing you should never do without. It doesn’t have to be expensive but make sure you have the right level of cover for you and your family.


If you’re only going away once this year, book a single trip policy to offer protection for a one-off trip. Or if you expect to travel more than once within the next 12 months, organise annual or multi-trip cover to ensure you covered for any holidays you may take over the rest of the year.


An important factor that is greatly missed when looking at travel insurance is the cover of electronic devices such as mobile phones, ipads, laptops and cameras. You may think that these are covered under personal belongings but the cover is not sufficient under standard policies. Look to enhance the policy but adding Gadget Cover to ensure you are fully protected. Other useful additional benefits to look at is Excess Waiver Cover in case you need to make any claims, this will ensure you do not have to pay any excesses.


Don’t leave it to chance. It’s simply not worth the risk – and you could ruin much more than just your holiday if the worst happens.


Call us on 0800 074 3494.

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