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We all know that awareness of liver conditions could be improved. Better understanding would result in less stigma, increased uptake in testing and, perhaps critically, recognition that this health area needs to be tackled. While we are dedicated to offering support to those affected by liver conditions here and now, we also believe that there is uncomprehensible need to improve awareness of all liver conditions. Therefore, we have produced a series of liver awareness postcards that might not be to everyone's taste, however they have been designed to spark conversation. Take a look and perhaps order some to help us raise awareness. 


We also carry out awareness media campaigns and are happy to provide comment on any liver-related issue! Our latest campaign is the I'm Not Too Sexy To Get Tested in partnership with Hep C Positive. Take a look at the documentary and media materials. 

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Liver4Life is dedicated to providing support to all people affected by a liver condition. CALL OUR FREE HELPLINE TODAY: 0800 074 3494

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