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Liver4Life is constantly working hard behind the scenes to develop a suite of support materials for a range of liver conditions. In the meantime we have provided a list of links to some credible sources and charities who have a range of information available that might help. 

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International enquiries for help
We would always offer some initial help from people living outside the UK, who make contact with us either by telephone or email. However, if there were relevant organisations within their own country, we would signpost them towards these.

Here at L4L we are well aware that it’s not always information and advice that people seek, but empathy, emotional support, empowerment, or a shoulder to cry on… name just a few………so, we will listen and do our best to offer the most appropriate resources to enable each individual to move forward.


Does L4L help children?
Although we pride ourselves in helping anyone and everyone here at Liver4Life, we do have to class L4L as an ‘adult’ national charity for liver conditions, to differentiate us between a ‘children's’ charity.

Here at L4L we can offer some general and helpful advice to the 16 years and under age group, and to all those who are making enquiries on their behalf. However, the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) have a wealth of expertise in dealing with all matters relating to children’s liver health. Therefore we would always recommend that they are contacted on: 0121 212 3839 or text 07860 021602 or email or visit their website

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Liver4Life is dedicated to providing support to all people affected by a liver condition. CALL OUR FREE HELPLINE TODAY: 0800 074 3494

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