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The snowball effect

Everyone has heard of the snowball effect, right? When you start something it gets bigger and bigger. Well, at the moment we seem to be the perfect example of this. Today marks a big milestone for L4L as we launch our helpline - 08000 74 34 94 - and we are thrilled that we can support more people affected by liver conditions, here and now. This month has seen us also launch our HealthUnlocked forum for people affected by liver conditions to ask questions and share information, as well as launching our own travel insurance (which is designed specifically for people with chronic conditions such as liver disease. Adding to that, we have also been commissioned to develop educational events across the UK to raise the profile of liver conditions and we now have a text donation service (just text ‘LIVR49 £2’ to 70070 and you can donate £2 to L4L). It has got to the point where we feel we need to write everything down in a newsletter which we will send to you if you've subscribed to our updates. Not bad for having only just celebrated our 1st Birthday!! All of this can’t be done with just two people, so we have two new members of L4L. Sarah Tattersall has years of experience running a helpline at another liver charity, and Phil Spalding has run the Hep C Positive support group in Swindon for over two years. Again, our staff levels seems to be snowballing as well. I’m sure in the coming weeks we will have more exciting news, why not pop back soon and see what’s happening, or better still sign up to our newsletter.

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Liver4Life is dedicated to providing support to all people affected by a liver condition. CALL OUR FREE HELPLINE TODAY: 0800 074 3494

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