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Between April and December 2014 we ran our first patient survey for

people who have been affected by Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE). HE is a condition that affects the brain when the liver isn’t working very well. We had some amazing responses, and among the key results were:

  • Over 80% experienced erratic sleep patterns, forgetfulness and poor concentration.

  • Over three quarters of people needed two or more consultations with a healthcare professional before being diagnosed with HE.

  • More than 60% of people have experienced two or more HE episodes in the last year.

  • For 78% females and 42% males, their HE diagnosis was given by a hepatologist.

  • 17% males, and 7% females, are not receiving any treatment.

  • The majority of respondents (over 70%) said that their HE is only partially controlled.

  • For those that have (40%), it has taken up to three months for those those to get their symptoms under control.

We will be running another similar survey this year as it really helps us raise awareness of HE. If you, or a relative/ friend, have experience of HE we would love to hear from you - please email us.

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